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Review by NW Leaf

nw leaf magazine oct 2011

” The White Widow infused olive oil is an extremely versatile addition to any patient's kitchen. It's also potent, with 1.5 grams medication per ounce of oil. I picked up this bottle at the Joint, and immediately went home to do some cooking. The first item I medicated was a fettuccini entrée, which turned out great.

The oil mixed well with the pasta, and left zero after taste-something lesser oils do a lot.

The effects, however, were pronounced and made for a great meal. I also made a medicated German chocolate cake, which calls for quite a bit of oil. The cake batter mixed well, and the oil didn't affect the baking process. You do have to be careful to try recipes out more than once. Just because a certain amount did not work the first time doesn't mean it won't the next. Once done, this cake tasted great and only had a light olive oil cannabis taste. It was in short, delicious.

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Overall, this oil is a great value for patients who want to regulate their dosage and have a variety of meals to medicate. It's about time you tried a different way of medicating, now you can make your medibles! Drop by the Joint(down in the U-district in Seattle) for a look! ”

Review written by Wes Abney. Article reprinted courtesy Wes Abney of Northwest Leaf. Visit NW Leaf on Facebook nw leaf

"Marijuana may not work for everyone, but what it has done for me is given me my life back."
Montel Williams

Seattle Cannabis Kitchen's mission is to provide patients a quality medical delivery system that enables the afflicted to regain their normal lives.

The State of Washington permits medical practitioners to recommend qualifying patients for the use of medical cannabis. A doctor can provide appropriate documentation, physical examination and review patient medical history to determine whether the medical use of marijuana may benefit a particular qualifying patient.

Qualifying conditions to receive your MMJ Authorization:

A. Intractable pain, chronic pain limited for the purpose of this chapter to mean pain unrelieved by standard medical treatments. and medications;

B. Cancer, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), multiple sclerosis, epilepsy or other seizure disorder, or spasticity disorders;

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C. Glaucoma, either acute or chronic, limited for the purpose of this chapter to mean increased intraocular pressure unrelieved by standard treatments and medications;

D. Crohn's disease with debilitating symptoms unrelieved by standard treatments or medications;

E. Hepatitis C with debilitating nausea

F. Diseases, including anorexia, which result in nausea, vomiting, wasting, appetite loss, cramping, seizures, muscle spasms, or spasticity, when these symptoms are unrelieved by standard treatments or medications.