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  • seattle cannabis kitchen olive Infused Olive Oil
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2014 dope magazine dope magazine

Seattle Cannabis Kitchens follows in the millenia old tradition of making medicinal marijuana for those needing pain relief. We provide a quality medicinal delivery system as evidenced by the lab results at Analytical 360.

According to a review in Dope Magazine October 2012 Issue by Justin Green, "Fortunately, olives are lipid dense allowing for the plentiful saturation of active Cannaboids in Seattle Cannabis Kitchens' olive oil. This stuff breaks the scales of potency with an astounding two grams of medicine per ounce of oil. At that dose, you'll hardly need a single service and the recipes following should peak your canna-creativity to hit the kitchen and get medicating. As always, be mindful of your dosage, as this oil has earned a reputation for it's extreme potency."

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Per a review in the October 2011 issue of Northwest Leaf magzine, "The White Widow infused olive oil is an extremely versatile addition to any patient's kitchen.

In the August 2012 Issue of Northwest Leaf, Seattle Cannabis Kitchen's Oil was tested at 4.71mg of activated THC per teaspoon.